You will be asked to sign a Structural Energetic Therapy Consent form and fill out an intake/health history form that will help me understand the goals for your treatment, your general health, specific injuries, whether you are under a doctor’s care, and if you are taking blood thinners or have any other contraindications.

You cannot receive a Structural Energetic Therapy treatment if you are on blood thinners but you may receive a Cranial/Structural Energetic Therapy or an Assisted Lymphatic Therapy session in place of a SET session.

It is important to always update us before your treatments of any change in your medication or medical condition. We will always work together before, during, and after your treatments to achieve your therapeutic goals.

For your Structural Energetic Therapy and Assisted Lymphatic Therapy treatments, you will be asked to leave your underwear on which includes a bra for women. Women can choose to wear a two piece bathing suit and men can wear exercise or swim shorts.

For the Cranial/Structural Energetics, Frontal Occipital Decompression and Acupressure Points, and Breath Work, you will stay dressed.

Structural Energetic Therapy includes deep myofascial release to relieve chronically tight muscles and fascia and often has that “good hurt” feeling. I work according to your tolerance level and you are always encouraged to communicate about how you are feeling during a treatment. Some clients may experience some residual soreness the next day which means that the muscles that were causing you pain are now softer and looser with less toxin build up.

Cranial/Structural Energetics, Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release, Frontal Occipital Decompression with Acupressure Points, Assisted Lymphatic Therapy, and Breath Work do not involve deep, directed, myofascial release.

I am not able to provide medical billing services but I can provide you with a prescription for bodywork form that you can bring to your doctor for him/her to fill that you then submit to you insurance company. I can also provide you with your treatment notes and receipts for your own personal reimbursement. Clients often enjoy using their Health Savings Plan Credit Card if it’s applicable for massage. Full payment is required at the time of all your treatment.