Prepare for your session

What To Expect

Sessions start with client history and consent form, a discussion of client objectives, and time to ask and answer questions. Next, a postural assessment helps identify areas of restriction causing pain, tension, and structural patterns. Finally, kinesiology testing is used to identify structural collapses and the Core Distortion pattern. These tests help determine the course of treatment.

Treatment itself begins with Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release (CSCDR). Often, the CSCDR releases enough tension to noticeably reduce spasms and pain, preparing the rest of the body for more extensive work.

Following the CSCDR, specific myofascial release techniques unigue to Structural Energetic Therapy are applied to unwind the basic Core Distortion pattern in the body. In subsequent treatments, sub patterns specific to each client are released cranially and fascially.

What To Wear

For soft tissue bodywork, clients can wear either underwear (and a bra if female) or swimwear (two-piece for females). For Cranial/ Structural and Breath work, many clients prefer comfortable athletic wear.

What To Bring

For your first visit, please bring a completed client history form and an informed consent form. Both can be dowloaded from the links on this page.

After Your Appointment

Many clients drink water after a session to keep muscles hydrated and healthy. While many people feel relaxed after a session, some may experience muscle soreness. A warm bath with epsom salts can help with this.


To speed up the intake process for your first session, please download and print the following Client History and Informed Consent forms. Please fill them out and bring them on your first session.

Please be as comprehensive and specific as possible on your health history since this information will be used to plan your treatment and rule out any contraindications.